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城市轨道交通已承诺的大学奖学金的两百万美元,支持项目管理协会教育基金会(pmief)的 建设更加美好的未来 运动。

UMT学术院长,博士。 Ĵ,戴维森帧,pmief COO,先生。格雷戈里贝格雷及董事pmief董事会的主席,格伦·怀特,签署了谅解备忘录(MOU)的备忘录启动 pmief UMT学术奖学金项目 2008年12月。 城市轨道交通pmief学术奖学金计划 现已开放接受报名!UMT is committing two million dollars in scholarship aid to the PMIEF consisting of the following university scholarships:
         Full Scholarship for One (1) UMT Online Master Degree Program awarded annually for five years (total of up to five scholarships)
         Full Scholarship for One (1) UMT Online with Once-A-Year Residence Doctor of Business Administration Degree Program awarded biennially for six years (total of up to three scholarships)

         Partial Scholarships (approximately 35% of full tuition) for up to Two Hundred (200) UMT Online Undergraduate or Graduate Degree Programs awarded annually for five years.

Individuals who wish to apply for the above scholarships must visit //奖学金,umt.asp.

有关pmief的更多信息,请参阅 //

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